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El Dorado County
Parks and Trails Master Plan
2023-2024 Update

What is a Parks and Trails Master Plan?

The Mission for the El Dorado County Parks and Trails Master Plan Update is to develop a set of Goals, Policies, and Implementation Measures shaped by community participants, recreation trends and best practices, and past planning efforts including the 2012 Master Plan.

This process sets forth a ten-year vision for the County’s parks and trails system. The public, County staff, consultants, and policymakers form a team that seeks to examine the County’s existing park and trails system—its strengths and challenges—as the starting point. Throughout the process, the team will discover how park and recreation needs have changed based on population trends and input from stakeholders and the overall community. Based on the current recreation facility inventory, anticipated needs, and popular trends, the team will identify key physical and organizational improvements to address and new facilities to build. The process will identify the one-time and ongoing investments to make and the partnerships to forge in order to implement the plan.

The final Plan will provide a roadmap for how the overall system of parks and trails will be developed and managed to reflect the fiscal constraints, relative priorities, and needs of the current and future County population. Community involvement in this project is essential, so please take our survey, sign up for our email distribution list, and attend public meetings & events to share your thoughts.

Public Workshops

The Parks and Trails Master Plan Team held a series of Public Workshops at locations throughout the County to learn more about the needs and priorities of the community. A meeting summary can be downloaded for each. Please see the Meetings and Events page for more details.