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About the Museum

The El Dorado County Historical Museum opened its doors to the public in 1974 and is supported, in part, by the County of El Dorado. The Museum's diverse collections and programs focus on the rich history of El Dorado County. It is operated by a Museum Administrator and Volunteers as part of the El Dorado County Library Department.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the County Museum is to exhibit and interpret the heritage of the County in a current, accurate, and engaging manner; to be a valuable historical resource to the community through its well-organized research facility, historical exhibits, and educational programs; to collect, document, and preserve artifacts and records significant to the history of El Dorado County using the highest standards of scholarship and professional museum and archival practices; and to provide a rewarding experience for volunteers and enhance the museum's significance to the community.

Historical Museum Commission

The County Board of Supervisors appoints a seven-member Historical Museum Commission to provide collections and operations oversight and recommendations to staff. The current Museum Commission members are:

  • Jeannette Barrett, Chairperson

  • Don Uelmen, Vice Chairperson

  • Keith Berry

  • Pam Hupner

  • Frank Jacobi

  • Dee Owens

  • Barbara Raines

Historical Artifact, Document and Photograph Donations

If you have an artifact, historical document or photograph from El Dorado County's past that you would like to donate, please contact Mary Cory. All artifact donations must be approved by the Historical Museum Commission before they are accepted into the Museum's permanent collection.

Museum Volunteers

Click here for more information about museum volunteers, including becoming a volunteer!