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At the Museum

Everyday Artifacts Used (and Discarded) by Miners

Artifacts - the things used by miners and then lost or discarded when no longer useful...spoons and knives, boxes and containers, bottles and tools...

On display at the El Dorado County Historical Museum.

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Virtual Tours and Videos

Take a tour of the County Museum with director Mary Cory, or explore the county's history with these virtual tours and videos on YouTube

Virtual Exhibits

Select the exhibits below to experience some of the County's history online, and see a preview of the exhibits available at the El Dorado County Historical Museum!

El Dorado County Historical Museum

El Dorado County Historical Museum – opened in 1974, the County Museum’s mission is to preserve and interpret the county’s history. With exhibits, archival and historical research resources, volunteers and several outreach programs, the County Museum helps to keep the county’s history alive.

Gold Miners in El Dorado County

Hopeful gold rush miners swarmed to the region now known as El Dorado County starting in the summer of 1848, and continued to pour in for the next few years. These miners left behind evidence of their work, artifacts now on display at the El Dorado County Historical Museum in the exhibit "Gold Miners and What Got Left Behind".

Women of Influence - Women Making History in El Dorado County

Throughout history, there are many influential women who have lived in El Dorado County with important stories to tell.

History of the 'Flu in El Dorado County

"Uncle Sam's Advice on 'Flu" is the headline published in the Mountain Democrat on November 16, 1918. The Surgeon General, Rupert Blue is giving familiar advice then as it is now. These are excerpts from the article.

Votes for Women! - The 1920 Election in Placerville

The 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment becoming law was on August 26, 2020. Women in Placerville voted in the 1920 Presidential Election - learn about some of these local women.

Votes for Women! - The 1920 Election in South Lake Tahoe

In 1920 there were 39 people registered to vote in the Lake Valley District, which encompassed the city of South Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas. 13 of these 39 people were women.

The Railroad Comes to El Dorado County

Ever wondered about the Railroad Tracks along the trail in El Dorado County? Here is a virtual exhibit of the First Railroad west of the Mississippi!

The El Dorado Western Railroad

A story of railroads in El Dorado County and the work being done today to restore them, preserve them ... and even experience them!

El Dorado County and World War I

1917-1918 at Home and Abroad

History of the El Dorado County Courthouse

El Dorado County Courthouse – completed in 1912, the County Courthouse stands on Placerville’s historic Main Street. The current building, constructed using the most current methods at the time, replaced the previous courthouse destroyed by a devastating fire in 1910. It underwent extensive rebuilding in the early 1970s and still functions as one of the county’s courthouses.

Lulu Weatherwax

Lulu Weatherwax – known as a painter, a friend and a resident of Placerville, Lulu was an accomplished artist who specialized in China Painting, an art form popular in the early part of the 20th century. Her paintings, both on china and canvas, are her legacy of a life that we otherwise know very little about.