Public Invited to Provide Comment on Mental Health Proposed Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) Programs

El Dorado County is currently developing the Fiscal Year (FY) 2013/14 Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Plan. Through MHSA, the County receives approximately $1,025,000 annually in Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) funds for programs designed to prevent mental illnesses from becoming severe and disabling.

The El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency, Mental Health Division has posted proposed PEI program descriptions for the public's consideration and comment to help determine which programs should be included in the FY 2013/14 MHSA Plan.

The proposed program plans were submitted, in response to identified community needs, by members of the public, local organizations/agencies, and the MHSA Program Team.  When possible, submitted programs that were similar in nature were consolidated into a single proposed program.

More information, including the proposed PEI program descriptions, can be found at the Mental Health Division website -