Mental Health



El Dorado County Mental Health has just opened a new transitional housing unit in South Lake Tahoe to better meet local mental health needs. The transitional housing site (also known as a T-house) provides a supportive living environment and services for mental health clients who need help transitioning to stable, independent living.

"We are so happy to have the new T-house in Tahoe," said Sabrina Owen, Program Manager of Mental Health in South Lake Tahoe. "With the T-house, we can help more clients become self-sufficient."

Up to six people at a time can live at the T-house, which provides a supportive community environment, mental health professionals and services, such as wellness groups, medication management and classes in basic life-skills (cooking, cleaning, and managing other household responsibilities). Residents are also encouraged to explore college classes and volunteer opportunities and are assisted with job searches once they are stable. The program is funded through State Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) dollars.

Potential residents of the T-house are pre-screened by Mental Health staff and must meet eligibility requirements before moving in, according to Owen. "The T-house residents must agree to participate in the program structure and treatment plans, and attend their required appointments. They must also agree to live drug-free and actively work toward their goals," said Owen.  Most residents can expect to stay approximately six to twelve months, with the goal to ultimately find independent housing and live on their own.

Mental Health expects to open a second T-house in Tahoe this coming fall. Individuals with questions about the Transitional Housing program may contact El Dorado County Mental Health at (530) 573-7970. Mental Health is a division of the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency.


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