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Behavioral Health

Peer Council 

The Peer Council model promotes peer advocacy in an effort to avoid future delinquency and immersion into the Juvenile Justice System. The goal of the early intervention program is to address origin of offending, and promote healthy families, schools, and community connections

Sessions will start at a set time with Probation Officer, HHSA Prevention staff, the youth who was cited, a youth volunteer who will be their advocate, a youth who was previously cited (as appropriate), and other youth volunteers to round out the panel.

All volunteer youth will receive at least 4 hours of prevention training prior to the start of the hearing dates.

The Peer Council will meet twice monthly on average (Tuesdays) at the Probation located at 3974 Durock Road, Suite 205, Shingle Springs, CA. You must sign up & apply for Peer Council. We will be holding interviews quarterly so you can apply & sign up anytime.

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