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senior day care


Why you should consider an Adult Day Care Program

The Right SETTING.

  • Supportive, active environment focuses on positive aspects of person’s abilities
  • Safe, supervised setting provides caregivers peace of mind
  • Group activities & peer interaction reduces loneliness & isolation for participant
  • Community-based focus maintains connection with formal & informal support network

The Right TEAM.

  • Trained staff members look at the whole person’s needs & include family or other caregivers in care planning
  • Team members regularly share information and observations to provide services customized for the individual


  • Social setting reduces risk of depression caused by isolation and loss.
  • Prevention focus, including nutrition, safety awareness and health monitoring, reduces physician and emergency room visits
  • Physical activities and therapy reduce risk of falls and improve ability to live safely at home
  • Research indicates participation in adult day care programs may slow cognitive loss
  • Respite from caregiving maintains the caregiver’s mental and physical health providing relief from caregiving duties or the ability to continue employment.

The Right VALUE.

  • Costs less than in-home care, assisted living or nursing home care
  • Multiple services under one roof for one fee
  • Helps both the participant and the caregiver