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We are proud to have been named by the State of California as the Alzheimer's Day Care Resource Center (ADCRC) for El Dorado County. Recognized as a day care leader, we have specialized in dementia care since 1989. Please feel free to access our growing resource library, attend our monthly caregiver gatherings, our monthly caregiver workshop or one of our community seminars. We are also available for individual consultations. The consultations, resource library, support groups, workshops and seminars are available to all at no charge. For information, please call (530) 621-6180.

Elder ID

Elder ID is a program designed for Alzheimer's patients and others with memory loss who may have the potential to wander away from home and get lost. A photograph and identifying information are kept on file with the Placerville Police Department, EDC Sheriff's Department, Central Dispatch and the Senior Day Care Center. If a participant becomes lost in the community, Elder ID will help law enforcement officers expedite a safe return home. All information is kept confidential. This program is free, though a small donation is appreciated.

Care Trak

The EDC Care Trak Program takes Elder ID one step further through the use of a tracking system. A person with the potential to wander from home wears a radio transmitter on his/her wrist, ankle or in a belt. The transmitter puts out a specific frequency that the EDC Search and Rescue can pick up using a sophisticated device called a "Mobile Locator." This system greatly increases the chances of a person being found quickly.

Caregiver support is important to the health and wellbeing of a caregiver. Learn about groups available to you. Download flyer now!

For more information, please download the following brochure:

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