Free Caregiver Education classes coming to South Lake Tahoe

Free Caregiver Education classes will be held during April and May in South Lake Tahoe.  This series is designed to provide instruction and support for caregivers who are or are planning to care for a family member or friend age 60 or greater. All classes will be held Mondays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel (formerly Embassy Suites) at 4130 South Lake Tahoe Blvd in South Lake Tahoe. The informational sessions, targeted for seniors in El Dorado County, are FREE and will be held as follows:

Monday, April 15,  Making Sure Your Medication Makes Sense: Learn the importance of discussing and understanding your medications with your physicians.  Learn best practices for managing your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and supplements.   

Monday, April 22,  “Talk the Talk” Caring for a person with a Dementia or Traumatic Brain Injury:  Communicating with a loved one with Dementia or a Traumatic Brain Injury can be difficult. Learn how to explore “Compassionate Communication.”    

Monday, April 29, Planning for the Future and Beyond - Long-Term Care: Learn how to plan and pay for long-term care in this informal and easy to understand presentation.

Monday, May 6, Stages of Caregiving ”Navigating the Medical Maze”:  Caregiving involves many stages and sometimes many locations. Learn how to “Navigate the Medical Maze” a journey that often includes hospital stays, rehabilitation, homecare and many other practices. Learn best practices for advocating for your loved one.  

Monday, May 13, Three Faces of the Maturing Mind:  Learn the good news about how our minds develop as we age, and information that will put your concerns to rest about normal and abnormal changes in memory.  

Monday, May 20, Moving a Loved One with Memory Loss: This discussion helps you think through the many issues involved in making the decision and implementing the actual move. 

Free respite care may be provided to qualified caregivers, prior authorization required. For more Information call the El Dorado County Family Caregiver Support Program at (530) 621-6151 or (800) 510-2020.  Click here for more information.