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Registry Services

The Registry is a pool of providers who have been recruited, screened and trained by the Public Authority. Providers on our Registry are available for referral to IHSS Recipients who are in need of in-home assistance.

PA PictureIn order to qualify for the Registry, applicants must pass a Department of Justice background check and have two positive work references and two positive personal references. Our screening process focuses on dependability, responsibility and quality of work. Registry applicants must also attend an orientation, which outlines the Public Authority’s policies and expectations. Upon completion of the orientation, our Registry applicants must sign a Provider Enrollment Agreement and agree to adhere to the standards of professionalism set out by the Public Authority. Any violation of this agreement may result in the Provider’s removal from the registry.

Providers who have completed the application process, attended the orientation, and have been accepted to the Registry will be placed on a referral lists for IHSS Recipients. Referrals are based on geographic location, Recipients needs and preferences and Provider skills. Acceptance to the Registry does not guarantee you will find work. It is the IHSS Recipients choice whether or not to hire a Provider who has been referred to them.

If you are interested in a job as a Registry Provider, contact the Public Authority for an application at (530) 621-6287 or download the Registry Application.