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In Home Supportive Services Program

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Finding a Provider

 IHSS recipients may hire anyone they choose to provide their in-home services. However, not everyone has a friend or family member who is willing or able to do the work. The Public Authority’s goal is to fill this gap by maintaining a list of qualified, experienced personal care givers who are available to work for IHSS recipients.

If you are an IHSS consumer who would like to receive a list of referrals from our Registry, contact the Public Authority office to begin the process. We will ask you about your needs, preferences, new pix(2)schedule, and location in order to create a list of providers who might work best for you. Referral lists may be provided either by mail or e-mail and will include the names and contact information of 3 to 4 providers who match your needs. Once you have received the referral lists, you will need to call the providers to conduct phone interviews and/or schedule in-person interviews. Though your provider will be paid by the State of California, you are the supervisor and are responsible for selecting, hiring and managing your provider.


Our Registry providers are held to a higher standard than others who work for the IHSS program. In order to qualify for the Registry, providers must pass a Department of Justice background check and have two positive work references and a positive personal reference. Our screening process focuses on dependability, responsibility and quality of work. While all Registry providers have undergone a reference check before being placed on the Registry, you should feel free to ask for references and check them yourself.