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‚ÄčLocal 1 Current Proposal Fact Sheet

Recent newspaper articles and social media postings have made representations about the County's labor negotiation with Local 1 relative to compensation for the approximately 964 employees in the three bargaining units represented by that union. This fact sheet publicizes the County's compensation proposals to the Union and the supporting documents that the County provided to Local 1's bargaining team.

The County's goal is to have all compensation match the total compensation market median of the established comparator market. Given our current market position, reaching that goal will require a balance of fiscal control and a sustainable strategy.

Local 1 employees received 5% salary increases in November 2013, July 2014, and July 2015. In 2017, the County offered to increase base wages for Local 1 classifications that were approximately 10 percent below the total compensation market median.  This offer would have resulted in all benchmark classifications (and classifications internally tied to those benchmarks that were more than10% below the total compensation market median) being placed at 10% below market median. This offer was rejected and ultimately the County and Local 1 thereafter agreed to a one-time lump sum payment of $2,400 with an agreement to meet again in one year for compensation issues.

Facts about the County's current proposal:

  • The total cost to bring Local 1 classifications to 10% below market median is approximately $2.3 million.

  • 554 (or 57%) employees would receive an "equity" increase, bringing their compensation to within 10% of the total compensation market median.

  • 410 employees would not receive an equity increase because they are not below 10% of the total compensation market median.

  • The average proposed equity increase would be 5.93%

  • The largest equity increase would be 22.98%

  • The smallest equity increase would be 0.17%

The entirety of the County's proposal can be found here. A spreadsheet listing the classifications represented by Local 1, how far below the market median they are, the percentage and annual base dollar amount of increase they would receive, and other items can be found here. This spreadsheet is the basis for the County's proposal to bring Local 1 classifications to 10% below the market median.

For information as to how the County's proposal would affect them, employees should contact their labor representative at Local1-EDCEA.