General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567

Human Resources

Public Employees, Local # I - General (GE), Professional (PL), and Supervisory (SU) Units

 Operating Engineers, Local #3 - Corrections (CR) Unit

Operating Engineers, Local #3 - Trades and Crafts (TC) Unit

El Dorado County Probation Officers Association - Probation (PR) Unit

El Dorado County Deputy Sheriff's Association - Law Enforcement (SA) Unit

El Dorado County Law Enforcement Management Association - Law Enforcement Sworn Management (SM) Unit

Unrepresented Employees - Elected (EL), Department Head (UD), Unrepresented Management (UM), Confidential (CO), Extra Help (EH), and Retired Annuitants (RA) Units

El Dorado County Criminal Attorneys' Association - Criminal Attorney (CA) Unit

El Dorado County Managers' Association - Management (MA) Unit

IHSS Public Authority

Note: This agreement has been posted on behalf of the IHSS Public Authority.
This MOU does not cover County employees.