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Housing, Community and Economic Development Programs

California Department of Housing and Community Development

The County of El Dorado is applying for $996,000 ($870,185 – Activity, $74,000 – Activity Delivery, and $51,815 – General Administration) in CDBG funds on behalf of United Outreach of El Dorado County, a nonprofit faith-based organization for the purpose of providing permanent year round emergency shelter services for the general homeless population of El Dorado County. These funds will be used to acquire, rehabilitate, and equip a building for use as a permanent year round emergency shelter for the general population of El Dorado County and to provide funding for salary and operational expenses to increase the existing level of services and provide staffing that can work with clients to connect them with the services they need to work towards self sufficiency, including Mental Health, Community Health, Human Services, or transitional housing.

United Outreach of El Dorado County is a collaboration of eight (8) faith-based groups, four (4) service clubs, six (6) local agencies and over 200 volunteers serving people in need in El Dorado County. They currently operate Grace Place, a nomadic sheltering program, and provide transportation from nearby towns and community food kitchens to a centrally located church that offers food, clothing and showers (portable) four (4) to five (5) nights per week for up to six (6) months per year.

Even though Grace Place has received an outpouring of community support through these combined efforts, local resources have been overwhelmed and there are still many in need that have to be turned away. Therefore, United Outreach is aware that there is a tremendous need for a permanent site to be fully accessible to all who need shelter, as well as a need to increase the availability of shelter to seven (7) nights a week all year long.

CDBG Grant Application: