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In order to determine the needs of the homeless in El Dorado County as part of the local Continuum of Care Plan, a homeless count and survey was conducted throughout El Dorado County during the last week in January 2008. This opportunity was provided by a Planning and Technical Grant #06-STBG-2532. The results of the winter count indicate that local law enforcement agencies and volunteers counted 75 people that were found sleeping in pubic places or without a place to stay for the night of January 29 (based on HUD’s definition of homeless).

In addition to the public places count, surveys were administered to homeless persons at service center locations throughout the community. An additional 89 surveys were received from individuals and families bringing the total winter count to 164 of those who meet HUD’s definition of homeless.

A summer count took place in June 2008 to gather additional information on the homeless population in El Dorado County.

United Outreach’s Grace Place is currently seeking a new site to provide the only temporary emergency homeless shelter program in the county for the general population, accepting men, women, and children.

El Dorado County Homeless Count and Survey Results January 2008

El Dorado County Homeless Count and Survey Results June 2008

The results from both surveys will be compiled in a report to be issued by January 2009.