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Grand Jury

Civil Grand Jury Reports and Responses

A Civil Grand Jury report details a single investigation. Each report lists FINDINGS and RECOMMENDATIONS.  The responsible organization is notified and is required to respond to the report.  

The California Penal Code Section 933(c) specifies response times.

  • PUBLIC AGENCIES. The governing body of any public agency (also referring to a department) must respond within 90 days from the release of the report to the public.
  • ELECTIVE OFFICERS OR AGENCY HEADS. All elected officers or heads of agencies/departments are required to respond within 60 days of the release of the report to the public.
  • FAILURE TO RESPOND. Failure to respond, as required to a Jury report, violates California Penal Code Section 933.05 and is subject to further action that may include additional investigation on the subject matter of the report by the Jury.

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