Accessible Voting

The El Dorado County Registrar of Voters office provides additional voting opportunities and/or services for citizens with preferred languages other than English or voters with disabilities. 

Voters with Disabilities          

For Voters with disabilities, El Dorado uses Democracy Live's Remote Accessible Vote By Mail (RAVBM) system to allow voters with a disability to vote a vote by mail ballot using their computer and accessibility tools at their disposal.  To apply for a RAVBM ballot, please fill out and fax/email/mail this application to our office.  In addition to voting remotely, every voting location has a ADA compliant voting device on which you can cast your vote.

Additional material prepared by the State for statewide elections can be found here: State Voter Guide in ASL and in Large Print and Audio.

Voters requesting Language Assistance

In this year's elections, some polling places will have translated sample ballots that voters can use as a reference when voting. The polling places that will have them are determined by the Secretary of State.  To request to have one sent to you before Election Day, please call our office at (530) 621-7480.  Requests must be received no later than 7 days before Election Day. If you need assistance when voting, you may bring up to two people with you to your polling place, as long as they are not representatives of your employer or your union.  Bring a family member or friend!

The Secretary of State provides the State Voter Guide translated in Federal/State required languages, and the list of those guides can be found here.

En las elecciones de este año, algunos colegios electorales habrán traducido boletas de muestra que los votantes pueden usar como referencia al votar. Los centros de votación que los tendrán serán determinados por el Secretario de Estado. Para solicitar que le enviemos uno antes del día de las elecciones, llame a nuestra oficina al (530) 621-7480. Las solicitudes deben recibirse a más tardar 7 días antes del día de la elección. Si necesita ayuda al votar, puede llevar hasta dos personas a su lugar de votación, siempre que no sean representantes de su empleador o sindicato. ¡Trae a un miembro de tu familia o amigo!

En las elecciones de este año, las boletas de muestra traducidas están disponibles en este idioma en el (los) siguiente (s) lugar (s) de votación:

All Polling Locations within the county