About Us: Elections Staff

Linda Webster, Assistant Registrar of Voters

Linda started with the county in 1989 to help set up the records center, in 1990 she transferred to the Recorder’s Office and at this time the clerk and recorder merged to became the Recorder-Clerk. Her first job was to scan all the marriages that were part of the clerk’s office. In 1998 she was part of the transition from hand stamping the recorded documents to scanning and indexing from images, she also worked with the department to implement the first electronic recording with the Treasurer/Tax Collector.

In 2005 Linda transferred to the Election Department to manage the new voting system eventually moving into the Assistant Registrar of Voter position. Duties include, preparing calendars, oversee candidate filing, ballot layout, ballot tabulation system and Election Day processes. Also part of the election department is initiative, referendum and recall petitions, conflict of interest filing and campaign filings.

Linda enjoys anything outdoors, hiking, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, gardening, etc.

Joe Zitzelberger, Title

Ted Castle, Title

Justin Canning, Elections Technician

Justin handles all vote by mail operations which also includes the Online Vote By Mail system for Overseas and Military Voters. Justin manages petitions and petition checking and verification and provides in-office technical support for all office staff.

Justin likes hiking, house projects, technical gadgets, travel, and home brewing.

Kim Smith, Title, Elections Technician II

Kim handles all Candidate Filings and Campaign Committee Filings. She provides training classes for candidates and potential candidates to help them with the filing and reporting requirements. Kim manages the Statements of Economic Interest and County and District Conflicts of Interest statement and filing.

She manages the department’s internal Extra-Help who handle return ballot signature checking, opening, and tabulation. Kim has taken on a new role as the department’s Project Manager, ensuring the changeover to voting systems meets all county and state requirements while hitting each stringent milestone. You will see Kim at the front counter assisting voters when you visit our office.

Kim has been married 28 years and has one son and daughter and enjoys camping/glamping with her family, often times at NASCAR races where she is a huge Jimmy Johnson fan. She enjoys gardening, cooking and canning, crafting, decorating, the Dallas Cowboys, and of course Beer and Wine tasting. Kim and her husband are Rotarians with the Placerville Rotary.

Cyndi Morrison, Administrative Assistant

Cynthia Morrison performs a variety of duties to take care of the office’s needs. Most duties are secretarial and office support duties, such as taking care of the mail that comes and goes, paying bills, handling deposits, composing correspondence as well as answering and directing phones, serving the front counter, processing invoices, recordkeeping and daily election related duties.

Cyndi is a lover of life and full of adventure. She is a mother of six grown children, two horses, two dogs and 4 cats. She loves to hike in Desolation Wilderness with her family, and go 4wheeling with her husband in their Jeep. She loves to sew, do upholstery, paint and draw, play games and watch movies with her family, as well as cook for them, and especially, she really loves taking naps.

Barbara Dockter, Poll Worker/ Polling Place Coordinator

Barbara handles all pollworker recruitment and training. She also schedules and coordinates the department’s voter outreach events like the County Fair, family and earth day events, and getting us into any event wher4e we can interact with voters.

Barbara runs our Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee and Language Accessibility Advisory Committees by recruiting participants, schedule and running the meetings to ensure we have comprehensive input from the disabled and foreign language voters.

Barbara is a Hall of Fame member for the United States Twirling Association, Certified Baton Twirling Coach and has been judging baton competitions for 60 years throughout the world. She is also a Trustee for the Placerville Elks and Chairman of the Elks National Foundation Placerville Lodge and Public Relations. Her favorite hobbies are traveling with my husband, golfing, and if you have ever met her you’d know she loves shopping.