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Business Walk Series

The El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the El Dorado County Office of Economic Development, launched the first Business Walk on March 28, 2008. The purpose of this one-day community-based business visitation program was to encourage the growth of local business. The Business Walk promotes sales and job growth by helping to identify the concerns and barriers local businesses are facing. This approach is based upon a set of national studies demonstrating that upwards of 80% of an areas job growth is generated by existing companies rather than attracting new industries to a community. Coupled with the fact that business attraction efforts are less likely to succeed if existing businesses are not happy with the local business climate, it is imperative that we focus our efforts on helping existing businesses stay and grow.

Business Walk Summary

The purpose of a Business Walk is to help the County and key stakeholders make improvements in services by identifying the concerns and barriers local businesses are facing. During a Business Walk, teams of volunteers visit businesses and ask three basic questions:

  1. How is business?
  2. What do you like about doing business in the area?
  3. What needs to done to make it even better?

The walk itself will take about five hours and will occur in one day. Beginning with a pre-walk orientation, volunteers will be briefed on the purpose and given tools for the walk. There are usually two volunteers per team and the number of teams may vary. Specific areas will be identified for each team and they will be expected to visit a predetermined number of businesses during a given time frame and complete a survey with the answers to the above questions for each business visited.

At the end of the time frame, the volunteers will group together and turn in their surveys. Lunch may be provided with speakers and a brief discussion to obtain feedback from the volunteers.

After the business walk, information from the surveys will be entered into a database and analyzed. The results will be distributed to key stakeholders.


Actions and Responsibilities 

Step Number


Responsible Party  


Identify a date and area for the Business Walk. Chamber of Commerce with the County and Metro Pulse


Identify industries and businesses to be visited and mail them advance notices advising them of the Business Walk. Metro Pulse


Organize the pre-walk orientation and the post-walk lunch/meeting (locations, refreshments, speakers). County and the Chamber of Commerce


Advertise and recruit volunteers for the Business Walk. County and Chamber of Commerce


Create list of volunteers, map out areas/ assignments, and provide surveys. County


Collect surveys at the end of the Business Walk and submit for data entry. County


Enter data and analyze.  Metro Pulse


Obtain, summarize, and distribute results of Business Walk. County and Metro Pulse

 Business Walk Agendas and Summaries