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Paramedic Alerts are special messages sent out via group e-mail by the EMS Agency to provide timely notification to EMS field providers of important information. These alerts are listed below in reverse chronological order with the most recent message at the top. Click on the links below to see the alert message.

2023-09 Accreditation and Shock Edit

2023-08 Signature Clarification

2023-07 Testing NEMSIS v3.5

2023-06 Signatures and Dispositions

2023-05 Epinephrine Update

2023-04 Formulary Amendments

2023-03 Valid Signatures

2023-02 Pain Management, Hemorrhage Control and Seizures

2023-01 Levalbuterol Tartrate and Protocol Updates

2022-05 Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Guidance

2022-04 Monkeypox Guidance

2022-03 Updates to Protocols and Procedures

2022-02 Pandemic Endemic Influenza and Influenza-like Illness (ILI) Field Policy

2022-01 Assess and Refer for Possible COVID-19 Patients

2020-05 Advanced Airway Management and Use of Nebulized Medications Associated with COVID-19

2020-04 Public Health Interim Emergency Medical Services Guidelines for COVID-19

2020-04 Response to COVID-19 Assess and Release at Scene

2020-03 Coronavirus Assessment and Disposition of Patients

2020-02 Nasotracheal Intubation Update

2020-01 Coronavirus

2018-02 Contingency Plan for Dopamine Shortage

2018-01 Dopamine Premix Shortage

2017-02 Epinephrine Shortage

2017-01 Fentanyl Carpujet Supply

2016-01 Zofran (Ondansetron) Contraindicated in Pregnancy

2015-02 Magnesium Sulfate Shortage

2015-01 Needle Chest Decompression Guidelines

2014-03 Ebola Preparedness Checklist

2014-02 Guidance for Managing Potential Ebola Cases

2014-01 IV Solution Shortage

2013-03 Mag Sulfate Concentration Change 

2013-02 Fentanyl Concentration Reminder

2013-01 Medication Shortages

2012-02: Epinephrine Shortage

2012-01: Correction to Pediatric Pulseless Arrest Protocol

2011-08: January 2012 Protocol Update
2011-06 Zofran Recall
2011-05 STEMI Delay
2011-04 Expired Narcotics
2011-03: Recalls
2011-02: CQI Advanced Airway Study
2011-01: Finger Stick Procedures

2010-07: Glucose Test Strip Recall
2010-06: Ventricular Assisted Device
2010-05: Severely Agitated Patient
2010-04: Medication Shortages
2010-03: Pediatric Pulseless Arrest
2010-02: AMA Documentation
2010-01: Prevent Medication Errors

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