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Dave Stevenson

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El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson announced today the conviction of Kent Maloney, a former Lions Education Foundation Treasurer who embezzled more than $200,000 from the non-profit entity, which is associated with the Lions Club International. The Defendant was sentenced yesterday in El Dorado County Superior Court to 2 years prison and was remanded into custody immediately after sentencing.

The case was investigated by the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office. “The crime of embezzlement, taking money that you are entrusted with is bad enough, but when you steal donated funds that are allocated to youth and education in our community, it is especially appalling” said District Attorney Vern Pierson.

The Lions Education Foundation is an organization whose budget is allocated to youth and education, with no administrative expenses, and 100% of all monies going directly in support of youth programs. I would encourage anyone wishing to donate to the Lions Education Foundation or to obtain more information about the foundation or any upcoming fundraisers, to visit their website at