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Debney Lynn Lobanoff was last seen by her husband in December of 1981 at their residence in Placerville.  Debney Lobanoff and her husband were having marital troubles at the time.  Her husband reported that she left the residence with two "biker type" males that were allegedly going to give her a ride to the east coast. At the time of her disappearance, Debney Lobanoff was the 28 year old mother of a young child.

On July 3, 1982, a fisherman discovered a nude female body floating in the water at Slab Creek Reservoir.  The female body was wrapped with a heavy tow chain and it appeared the victim had been badly beaten.  Approximately two years later a telephone tip leads to this body being positively identified as Debney Lobanboff.  The original investigation ruled out Debney Lobanoff's husband as a suspect in her murder.  

Lobanoff’s body was discovered approximately 7.5 miles upstream (east of) where the bodies of Schossow and Putt were found.


Julie Schossow and Marilyn Putt were close friends and both worked as blackjack dealers at the Harrah’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe.  Reports indicate that they were both last seen and subsequently disappeared during the evening hours of January 12, 1982. Initially, information came forward that both women had met up with some wealthy high rollers and had willingly gone to the Bay Area for the weekend.  On June 6, 1982, almost six months later, the body of Marilyn Putt was discovered in the South Fork of the American River, one mile west of an area known as Chili Bar (Highway 193). Her body had been weighted down with chains and binding material.

One month later, on July 9, 1982, the body of Julie Schossow was discovered also in the South Fork of the American River, approximately 150 yards from where Marilyn Putt’s body had been discovered.   It was obvious to investigators at the scene both women were the victims of a homicide.

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