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Placerville, Calif. Jury trial ends with guilty verdicts on all counts. Deputy District Attorney Anthony Garilli presented evidence, witnesses and expert testimony over a two week period before a one man and eleven women jury. On February 18, 2015 the jury found Bradley Zaun (27) guilty of 3 felony counts of first degree residential burglary and two counts of attempted burglary.

During the months of October and November 2013, Zaun, Alexander Cochran (21) and several other coconspirators
whom have plead guilty or are awaiting trail, began a crime spree fueled by drugs that stretched from Shingle Springs to Pollock Pines. The burglary ring would knock on the front door of a residence and if the homeowner answered the door, the defendants would leave. If no one answered the door, the defendants would gain entry through an unlocked door or force. On at least one occasion the residents were home during the burglary and the defendants were able to avoid arrest.

Under voter approved proposition 47 “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act”, convicted felons can have certain drug and theft related offenses reduced to misdemeanors, thus allowing for reduced sentences or immediate release from custody. The above mentioned case involves prop 47 and has created numerous obstacles during court proceedings.

Law enforcement officials agree narcotics usage, identity theft, larceny and burglary are synonymous with each other. El Dorado County District Attorney, Vern Pierson commented “When a narcotics user can’t purchase their drug of choice with legitimate funds, nine times out of ten they will turn to ill-gotten gains which, translates into your personal property”.

Vern Pierson commented the voter approved passage of proposition 47 continues to allow opportunities for the criminal element to engage in criminal behavior that threatens the safety and wellbeing of our community”.

The El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office is encouraging our community to remain vigilant and be aware for our friends and neighbors. If you suspect suspicious activity or believe the person’s behavior is suspicious, you are encouraged to contact your local law enforcement office and report the incident.

Sentencing is currently set for April 10, 2015 and the defendant faces up to 26 years in prison based upon the charges he was convicted of, as well as additional time for violation of his parole.