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Placerville, Calif. In a multi- jurisdictional investigation, Deputy District Attorney Anthony Garilli presented over a three week period 217 exhibits and 30 witnesses testified before the seven man five women jury. On January 29, 2015 after three and half days of deliberation the jury found Craig Ivan Adams guilty of 17 felony counts including nine counts of burglary, four counts felon in possession of firearms, and grand theft of a firearms just to name a few.

During the months of July thru November 2010 Emerald Bay residents Craig Adams and Katy Manoff began a crime spree fueled by drugs that stretched from Cameron Park to South Lake Tahoe. The defendants would knock on the front door of a residence and if the homeowner answered the door the defendants would ask for a fictitious name and when told the person didn’t live there, they would leave.  However, if no one answered the door the defendants would gain entry through an unlocked door or force entry. The defendants would then utilize a pillow case from the home and burglarize the residence.

El Dorado County District Attorney, Vern Pierson commented “When people have their personal property taken from their homes, it’s a direct violation of their right to privacy and our office takes that very seriously. Let it be known, those who choose to engage in this type of behavior will be prosecuted. Our office will file all the appropriate charges, present the evidence to a jury, and seek guilty verdicts on all counts”.

Law Enforcement Officials agree, as a community we need to remain vigilant and be aware for our friends and neighbors. If you suspect suspicious activity or believe the person’s behavior is suspicious, you are encouraged to contact your local law enforcement office and report the incident.