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Today, El Dorado County Supervisor Raymond J. Nutting was sentenced on 6 misdemeanor counts and removed from office by El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Timothy Buckley pursuant to Government Code §1770(h).

Prior to jury trial, the District Attorney’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office attempted to resolve this case and save taxpayer money by offering Defendant Nutting to plead to 6 misdemeanors counts and to step down from office.

Defendant Nutting rejected this offer and made no counter offer. On May 14, 2014, the jury convicted Defendant Nutting of 6 misdemeanor counts which were all violations under the Government Code Political Reform Act concerning illegal loans which he obtained from County contractors and County employees and failure to document these loans.

This case was a joint prosecution by the California Attorney General's Office by Deputy Attorney General Peter Williams and the District Attorney's Office by Assistant District Attorney James Clinchard.