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 A few weeks ago, Mr. Tapson publicly questioned my lack of compassion for his client Nancy Garrido. He asserted that his client “fully confessed” to the crimes and deserves to get less time in prison because Nancy Garrido was "like her mother" when Jaycee’s children were born, and he claims somehow that Nancy Garrido was not an active participant in the alleged crimes. Let’s set the record straight for Nancy Garrido and her attorney… Terry Probyn is Jaycee’s mother.

Perhaps my alleged lack of compassion comes from my awareness of many disgusting facts concerning Nancy Garrido’s personal involvement in this case.

We would like Nancy Garrido and her attorney to ask themselves what type of “mother” would marry a convicted rapist and kidnapper in Leavenworth prison, then assist in videotaping young children in parks for years, then assist in the abduction of an innocent 11 year old girl off the street, and then allow years and years of sexual assaults?

Nancy Garrido’s attorney claims that she deserves “mercy” and that she was just an “unwilling participant.” But, where was Nancy Garrido’s mercy when she, and she alone, imprisoned Jaycee Dugard for 42 days back in 1993 when her husband was in federal custody on a parole violation? And, how can Nancy Garrido or her attorney attempt to claim that she was an unwilling participant when in 1993 Nancy Garrido was in the back of a van luring and videotaping a 5 year old child to bend over in front of the camera? Nancy Garrido was not an unwilling participant. She was actively videotaping a 5 year old child for the express purpose of providing her rapist husband with sexually perverse entertainment. She did all of this 2 years after abducting Jaycee, who was still imprisoned in the Garridos’ back yard.

Not only was Nancy Garrido directly involved in the kidnapping of Jaycee back in 1991, but she actively participated in videotaping young children before and after the 1991 abduction. So, having viewed all of the evidence and videos in this case I will answer Mr. Tapson’s question – No, I do not think that Nancy Garrido deserves my compassion.