District Attorney

Vern Pierson or James Clinchard

(530) 621-6472

On January 29, 2009, the El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office served former Garden Valley Fire District board members Robert Rogers and Norma Cleaver with notice of potential legal action and a copy of the recent findings by the 2008/2009 El Dorado County Grand Jury. (A copy of the Grand Jury Report is attached for reference.)

The Grand Jury investigation, and their recent findings, indicates cause for legal action against former Directors Rogers and Cleaver. According to the Grand Jury findings, their actions may have constituted a violation of California Constitution Article 11, Section 10, Subsection (a) concerning unlawful payment for past services rendered and a violation of California Constitution Article 16, Section 6 concerning illegal/improper gift of public money. Moreover, pursuant to Penal Code Section 932, the Grand Jury filed an Order directing the District Attorney’s Office to institute suit to recover money that may be due to the County. (A copy of Penal Code Section 932 is attached for reference.)

District Attorney Vern Pierson indicated a decision concerning whether to file criminal and/or civil charges has not yet been made.