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District Attorney

Cold Case Homicide Task Force

The Cold Case Homicide Task Force is committed to bringing justice to victims, no matter how long ago the crime occurred. The Task Force will continue to follow up on new leads, investigate evidence utilizing all available resources, and never forget the victims and their families regardless how long it takes.

Cold case homicides are unique in nature and require patient veteran investigators, tedious forensic evidence evaluation, experienced prosecutors, and help from the public.

Cold Case Press Releases/News

January 15, 2016 - District Attorney Vern Pierson Announces Release of Cold Case Homicide Video "Mother's Day Murder" of 16 year old Jenny Claire Campbell

April 2, 2015 - District Attorney Vern Pierson Announced Today That Human Remains in a Cold Case Homicide Have Been Identified

Cold Case Feature of the Month

​January - Jenny Claire Campbell - Homicide

December - William Keefauver - Homicide

October - Carol Anderson - Homicide

September - Lee Hassler - Homicide

August Halley Wing - Homicide

July - Brynn Rainey - Homicide 

May-   Julie K. Schossow and Marilyn M. Putt - Homicide  

April - Sarah Jane Fawcett, AKA Sara Ward - Missing Person Suspected Foul Play    Cold Case



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