General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567

Recorder Clerk

Electronic Recording in El Dorado County Image of CeRTNA Logo

The Recorder-Clerk office is proud to announce the beginning of Electronic Recording in our office. We commenced this feature in June of 2013 and it has been a successful effort to date. Our office uses a Joint Powers Authority named CeRTNA which provides a web portal for electronic recording for over 22 counties in California. Our own Recorder-Clerk is a Past Chairman of the Board of Directors for this JPA. We are an “Agent Only” county and that simply means you utilize an outside agent who manages your account for you and performs all transactions for you. They utilize their own equipment and personnel. To use our service please contact our office at  530-621-5490 press 3 to request details if you are interested, an M.O.U. with our county is required.

Here are some figures on our status.

Since we began tracking electronic recording (6/6/13) we have recorded 95,481 documents through July 2017. 

Note: G2G (Gov’t to Gov’t) is an electronic recording method used only with other Governmental offices such as EDD, BOE,FTB and Child Support Services for liens; and will soon be joined by the El Dorado County Tax Collector.  It is a “free” service offered by CeRTNA to all government entities.