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Marriage FAQs

Question – Do you provide Marriage Licenses?

Yes. The El Dorado County Recorder issues Marriage Licenses.

Note: Please notice that Marriage Licenses and Ceremonies are done by appointment. If you do not have an appointment, you may wait for an opening; however, it could be up to two hours if appointments are ahead of you. Please inquire at the counter or call us at (530) 621-5490 for Placerville or (530) 573-3407 for South Lake Tahoe.

$80.00 – Issuing License and Certificate of Public Marriage, Declaration of Marriage, and Non-clergy Marriage, G.C. 26840 
$85.00 – Issuing License and Certificate of Confidential Marriage, G.C. 26840.1

Marriage Licenses:
A Marriage License issued in El Dorado County must be registered in El Dorado County. Ceremonies for both Public and Confidential Licenses must be performed within the State of California.

Registration is the responsibility of the person who officiates the marriage ceremony.

Certified Copies of ALL marriage licenses require a notarized application along with $15.00 for each copy you purchase. Please visit our Forms section to download an application. Please enclose a self addressed envelope for return.

Please remember that the fee charged is a “search” fee. If we do not have a record of your marriage, the $15 fee is retained and you will receive a certificate stating we found no record of your marriage.

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