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Recorder Clerk

Documents Recorded Beginning January 1, 2009

Notice for documents recorded beginning January 1, 2009 AB1168 requires the redaction of social security numbers to help prevent identity theft. The law states we may sell only copies of documents that have been through the redaction process. If you wish to purchase a copy of your document at recording please bring a self addressed stamped envelope. Your copy will be mailed after redaction or, bring a copy of your document and we will conform it with the date and document number at no fee. An official copy (un-redacted) of the record is only available upon presentation of an official subpoena or a court order.

Bill Number: AB 1168 Chaptered Bill Text Chapter 627 filed with Secretary of State October 13, 2007 approved by Governor October 13, 2007 the people of the State of California do enact as follows: Section 1. Section 1798.89 is added to the Civil Code, to read: 1798.89. Unless otherwise required to do so by state or federal law, no person, entity, or government agency shall present for recording or filing with a county recorder a document that is required by any provision of law to be open to the public if that record displays more than the last four digits of a Social Security Number.