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Code Enforcement

VHR Enforcement Hearings​

An administrative hearing may be requested if you dispute the merits of the violation(s) giving rise to the enforcement action taken in your case.  The Notice of Violation and Intent to Impose Penalties letter issued to guests and VHR owners informs the recipient of this important due process right.

The manner in which administrative hearings are requested and conducted are governed by Titles 9.02 and 5.56 of the El Dorado Code of Ordinances.  

Who can request a hearing?

The following people have standing to request an administrative hearing in their case:
  • Guests.  If you were a guest and received a Notice from Code Enforcement of a violation and penalty which occurred during your stay you may request an administrative hearing.
  • Owners.  If you own a VHR and received a Notice from Code Enforcement of a violation and penalty you may request an administrative hearing.
  • Local Contacts.  If you manage a VHR on behalf of an owner you may request an administrative hearing of the owner’s violation.
Only parties who are subject to enforcement action by Code Enforcement are eligible to request an administrative hearing.  Neighbors of VHRs and reporting parties do not have standing to request a hearing.  

I’m a VHR owner.  Can I appeal a Notice issued to one of my renters?

Yes.  An owner has standing to appeal a renter’s Notice if the imposition of the penalty or enforcement action would result in an adverse action against the owner.

How do I request a hearing?

The first step is to complete a Request for Administrative Hearing, VHR application found here.
IMPORTANT:  Your Request for Administrative Hearing application must satisfy all of the following legal requirements:
  • Completed Request for Administrative Hearing application form.
  • Payment of the $1,000 hearing fee plus full payment of all penalty amount(s) assessed.   
  • Timely filed.  Your Request for Administrative Hearing and payment must be accepted by Code Enforcement within 15 calendar days from the date printed on the Notice.  Late and/or incomplete requests are not accepted.   Staff does not grant time extensions.
You may hand deliver your Request for Administrative Hearing and payment to the Code Enforcement’s Placerville office during regular business hours.  Alternatively, you may utilize mail or courier services addressed to the Placerville office:
El Dorado County Code Enforcement
2850 Fairlane Ct
Placerville, CA  95667
Code Enforcement is not responsible for late or misdirected deliveries.  It is your responsibility to ensure delivery and receipt within the deadline.

Wait!  Why do I need to pay?  Will I get a refund if I win?

The $1,000 hearing fee is set by resolution of the County Board of Supervisors.  Staff cannot waive or reduce this fee.  The hearing fee is used to partially offset the taxpayer cost to have hearings.  

You may be eligible for a full or partial refund if you prevail in the hearing or at the direction of the Hearing Officer adjudicating the matter.

Contact Code Enforcement staff at (530) 621-5999 if you have a financial hardship and cannot deposit the full payment.  Staff can provide further direction on the process for applying for a hardship waiver.  Hardship waivers must include supporting documentation such as bank statements to prove a financial hardship situation exists.

I requested a hearing.  What happens next?

Code Enforcement staff will review Requests for Administrative Hearings to ensure they are complete, timely filed, and included full payment.  If accepted and approved, staff will contact you via email to set a hearing date.  Hearings are conducted via Zoom and are scheduled no later than 60 calendar days after receipt of request unless both parties agree a continuance is needed for good cause.

The appellant will receive an email containing the Hearing Binder at least one week prior to the scheduled hearing date.  The Hearing Binder is a copy of evidentiary documents the County plans to use during the hearing.  It is not expected or required for appellants to provide the County a copy of their evidentiary documents.  You can present any relevant testimony or documentary evidence during the hearing.

Will I have to go to court?

No.  Administrative Hearings are informal in nature and do not take place in a court of law.  Hearings are conducted remotely via Zoom.  Hearing Officers preside over the hearing.  Hearing Officers are third party licensed California attorneys who are contracted by the County to provide administrative hearing services in a wide variety of matters.  The Hearing Officer will take testimony and review evidence before rendering a written decision.   The Hearing Officer has up to 30-calendar days to issue their written decision.  A copy of the written decision will be furnished to you and to the County.

Do I need an attorney?

No, an attorney is not required.   Since administrative hearings are informal in nature most appellants represent themselves.  The Hearing Officer will explain the process during the hearing.  
If desired, you may attend with your attorney at your expense.   The County has no obligation to furnish you legal advice and no attorney will be appointed to you.