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Child Support Services

Child Support Collections Soar in El Dorado County
From the Director of the Department of Child Support Services
Press Release July 18, 2003

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El Dorado County Department of Child Support Services increased collections for support by over 10% this year. This is the first substantial increase in almost three years. Collections for the fiscal year 2002-2003 were $14,443,362. This represents a 10.39% increase over last year.

“The employees of the El Dorado County Department of Child Support Services are focusing on collections and service. That focus and dedication has fulfilled the goals we set for improving collections. The residents of El Dorado county benefit from the collections in many ways” said Laura Roth, the Department Director.

Roughly 63% of collections equaling $10,000,000 go directly to families. Another 33 %, approximately $4,000,000 goes to replenish Welfare funds expended on behalf of families receiving public assistance. Approximately $400,000 of that goes to the County’s Fund, to be spent on various needs of El Dorado County in general.

The Department of Child Support Services is funded through State and Federal funds. No county money is spent on operations, salaries or expenses. Therefore, money collected benefit residents of El Dorado County, without costing the county any money at all. No fee is collected for service to clients and all legal and collection work performed is free of charge.

“El Dorado County Child Support Services remains a top producer statewide, and an agency El Dorado County and its residents can be truly proud of. Its efforts improve the lives of children” said Roth.