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Child Support Services

Department of Child Support Services has CASES
Mountain Democrat, October 18, 2001

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The El Dorado County Department of Child Support Services became a new department effective July 1, and is already beginning to change the way it does business. The state and federal governments have mandated that California county child support agencies move to an approved child support case management system. El Dorado County was directed by the state to implement CASES, which stands for California Assisted Support Enforcement System.

Employee training began in early June for the new case management system that the department implemented on Sept 4th. The staff worked many hours to complete its training and still manage a caseload, according to the department. The transition happened over the Labor Day weekend, and the office is currently up and running in the new system. There are a total of 32 counties in California on the CASES system.

The new CASES system is expected to provide many benefits to both customers and staff. The system will process money more expeditiously. Caseworkers will have new and improved local resources. This new system standardizes the way child support is collected by the 32 participating counties.

In order to provide quality client service the Department of Child Support Services has also implemented a new computerized phone service. Clients can now call (888) 251-4727, 24 hours a day to inquire about the their case status and payment information. Clients are being sent their own personal participant identification number necessary to access this feature. The new voice response unit will have more options and information then what was previously provided.

El dorado County Department of child support services collected $1,016,909 in August while it converted to the new computer system. While a portion of that went back to the state of California to recoup welfare funds, nearly two thirds went out to families.