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Bassi LakeUniontown Cemetery

The Uniontown Cemetery, also known as Lotus Cemetery, has generally been known to be the community cemetery for Lotus, which was originally named Marshall and then Uniontown.

Lotus was first settled in 1849 on the main road between Sacramento and Coloma and served the community that grew around this rich mining region. This community, just three miles from Coloma, consisted of miners, farmers, ranchers, a blacksmith and many types of store owners.

The Uniontown Cemetery has been continuously used by the families who have lived around Lotus for the past 157 years. There are many family plots of prominent County residents, such as Ray Lawyer and the Bacchi, Bassi, Grother, Mainwaring and Lohry Families.

The year of the first known burial was in 1852.The Uniontown Cemetery is a little less than an acre and has a total of 352 recorded plots. There are family plots with surviving members who may request burial in the future. The cemetery is no longer active except for pre-needs.

5211 Bassi Road
Lotus, CA 93604

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