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St. Michael Cemetery

St. Michael Cemetery SignSt. Michael Cemetery, also known as Starbuck’s, is a half-acre parcel that sits in a subdivision in Cameron Park. There are 29 plots shown by Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The last burial in the cemetery was in 1960 and the cemetery is now closed to further burials.

The cemetery was originally affiliated with the Catholic Church, which was located nearby. The Church established the St. Michael's Cemetery sometime prior to 1889, which is the date of the earliest headstone in the cemetery. A lawsuit between the Church and the County prompted the responsibility transfer to the County in 1998. The Catholic Church owns the cemetery land, but the County takes care of maintenance and protection.

Green Valley Road was the first road from Sutter’s Fort to Coloma. The people who settled this area were the original inn keepers for the miners traveling up and down the mountains to the gold fields. Many of the areas prominent landowners are buried here.

St. Michaels Cemetery    

2620 Hastings Drive
Rescue, CA 95672

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