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DaffodilSpanish Dry Diggings

The Spanish Dry Diggings Cemetery is located outside of Greenwood off Sliger Mine Road on Spanish Dry Diggings Road. It encompasses 0.227 of an acre. No interments are allowed other than pre-needs. Approximately 70 plots were shown in the ground through Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

Spanish Dry Diggings was established in 1850 as a mining community. Up until the 1940s, mining still occurred in this area. The families who remained in the area to farm and raise cattle are buried in this cemetery.

The first known burial with a headstone was in 1857. People probably started to utilize the site for burials before 1857; however, there are no marked graves with an earlier date.

Spanish Dry Diggings Road
Greenwood, CA

#001-009 & 009A
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