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Fairplay Cemetery

In the 1850’s Fairplay was a thriving mining town with several stores and hotels. Later it became a trading center for drift and hydraulic mining. In the 1880’s agriculture prevailed as it does today with vineyards and wineries around every corner. The cemetery is near Perry Creek near the south end of Perry Creek Road. There is a wonderful hand painted sign to lead you down a dirt road to the one acre cemetery.

The earliest marker remaining is from 1863. Since the community began in the early 1850’s, it would follow that there may have been earlier burials. This cemetery has been used by the community for over 150 years and remains open for burials. Ground Penetrating Radar done in 2001 found 397 possible burials, only 189 of these are marked.

Fairplay Photos

Wild Flowers Perry Creek Fair Play Cemetery Gates Path to Fair Play Cemetery Fair Play Cemetery.Graveyard of Fair Play Cemetery

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