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image of Bryant Cemetery SignBryant Cemetery

 Bryant Cemetery is located off of South Shingle Road in Latrobe and is a little over one acre in size. The cemetery may have been founded in 1848. Unfortunately, there are no markers from that period. The earliest marked headstone reads 1855. Before Highway 50 was built this was part of the main road from Sacramento to Placerville. There were several road houses in this area for people to stop and rest. The historical Bryant House and Brandon Station were nearby. A ranching community grew up around these road houses and continued to use the Bryant Cemetery for the final resting place of their families.

The cemetery contains approximately 208 marked graves and 299 unknown graves found with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). In 2003 the cemetery began only providing plots for in ground burials.

Bryant Cemetery
6740 South Shingle
Shingle Springs, CA

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