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​California Wildfire Mitigation Program

Proposed El Dorado County Defensible Space and Home Hardening Grant

Weber Creek Project

Rural Homes Are At Risk From Wildfire!

Post wildfire damage assessments reveal that defensible space around structures combined with ignition resistant construction play a critical role in protecting homes and slowing wildfire spread. Over two thirds of the homes in El Dorado County are located within the High or Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones and are in need of assessment and treatments to reduce the potential for catastrophic loss.

What Are We Doing?

El Dorado County has applied to the California Wildfire Mitigation Program for funding to support a pilot project creating defensible space and retrofitting homes for ignition resistant construction. If approved, the 3-year project will focus on 525 homes at high risk from wildfire along the Weber Creek drainage south of Placerville. In addition to the funds requested, El Dorado County is also committing funding to this effort.

What Will The Proposed Grant Fund?

Each home in the project area will be evaluated for the defensible space and home hardening improvements that are necessary to meet current ordinances and standards. With the approval of the homeowner, eligible homes will receive defensible space and home hardening improvements up to a maximum dollar limit at no cost to the homeowner. This program will be open to all residents within the project area, including those meeting the California Wildfire Mitigation Program social vulnerability criteria.

When Will The Grant Be Available?

El Dorado County’s pilot project is one of five demonstration grants in California which will focus on defensible space and home hardening improvements to mitigate wildfire risk. The El Dorado County Office of Wildfire Preparedness and Resilience is working with the California Office of Emergency Services on the grant application and project details. More information will be available if and when the grant is approved.

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