2022 El Dorado County Strategic Plan

County Vision
Safe, healthy and vibrant communities, respecting our natural resources and historical heritage.

County Mission
El Dorado County government shall provide efficient, courteous, and effective services and infrastructure for safety, protection, and well-being of our residents, businesses and visitors.

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Core Values

Responsible for our decisions and behavior. Creating a safe work environment where we are answerable to our citizens, co-workers, superiors, direct reports and other stakeholders.

Cross-functional teamwork, communication, and cooperation countywide, while creating a silo-free organization.

Doing what is right legally and morally at all times regardless of whether or not someone is watching.

Service Excellence
(Citizen-Oriented Service) – Provide comprehensive service to all citizens of El Dorado County while loyally doing our job without expectation of recognition or personal gain.

Fiscal Responsibility
Develop and maintain a fiscally conservative budget that ensures financial resiliency while meeting the capital and operational needs of the organization and the citizens of El Dorado County.