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Chief Administrative Office

El Dorado County is accepting applications for the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Grant Program.

The El Dorado County Indian Gaming Local Benefit Committee (Committee) has been allocated a County Tribal Casino Account of $49,847.04 for FY 2013-2014 from the State Controller to distribute in the form of grants for programs and activities designed to mitigate the impact of gaming upon the community. Eligible agencies (city, county and special districts) are encouraged to apply. 

The Committee has opened the grant funding application period effective March 4, 2014 and will accept applications until close of business on April 4, 2014. The Committee is scheduled to review and select applications to recommend for funding on April 16, 2014. The Committee’s recommendations will then be transmitted to the State Controller.

For additional information and application materials click here or contact Jessica Brandt, Analyst, at (530) 621-5132 or .