Table of Contents
Section A - General Administration
Section B - Budgets & Fiscal Matters
Section C - Purchasing & Contracting
Section D - Travel, Transportation, and Vehicles
Section E - Personnel and Payroll
Section F - Facilities Management   
Section G - Roads
Section H - Board of Supervisors Meetings
Section I - Boards, Commissions, & Committees
Section J - Land Use Planning & Development
Section K - Risk Management
Section L - Privacy Policy (HIPAA)

Section A - General Administration 
A-1    Development & Distribution of Board of Supervisors Policies
A-2    Guidelines for Writing Board of Supervisors Policies  
A-3    Ordinances - New or Amended 
A-4    County Legislative Policy (Revised 7-25-17)
A-5    Grant Endorsements for Non-County Agencies (Revised 7-25-17)
A-6    Grants - Application & Administration (Revised 8-29-17) 
A-7    (Deleted) 
A-8    Microfilming 
A-9    Records Management Program
A-10  Information Technologies Steering Committee and Acquisition Procedures (Repealed 5/9/17 Item 5
A-11  Responding to Grand Jury Reports (Revised 4-26-05) 
A-12  Employee Suggestion Award Program (Repealed 8/29/17 Item 8)
A-13  Computer & Network-Based Information Systems (Revised 11-15-05) 
A-14  (Deleted) 
A-15  Public Disclosure of Documents Pertaining to Outside Counsel 
A-16  (Deleted) 
A-17  Computer and Data Systems Physical Security  (Revised 11-15-05) 
A-18  Energy Conservation Policy 
A-19  General Network Usage Policy (Revised 7-18-17) 
A-20  Cellular Telephone/Wireless PDA's (SmartPhones) Policy & Procedures (Adopted 3-25-08) 
A-21  Intranet Information Policy (Adopted 1-8-08) 
A-22  County Website Policy (Adopted 12-9-08) 

Section B - Budgets & Fiscal Matters 

B-1    Budgetary Control and Responsibility 
B-2    Fee Waiving 
B-3    Traffic Impact Fee Deferral 
B-4    Collections - Recovery of Public Funds(Revised 1-24-2012)
B-5    (Deleted) 
B-6    (Deleted)  
B-7    (Deleted) 
B-8    Intra-County Service Charges Policy 
B-9    Annual Audit Contract - Grand Jury Participation
B-10  Grand Jury Annual Report - Publication of Annual Report & Board of Supervisors Response (Revised 6-27-17)
B-11  Affordable Housing Fee Structure 
B-12  Fiscal Review Process 
B-13  Contract Administration for Special Projects
B-14  Traffic Impact Mitigation (TIM) Fee Offset Program for Developments with Affordable Housing Units (Revised 12-17-2013)
 B-15  Traffic Impact Fee Deferral for Owner Occupied Single Family Home (Adopted 12-6-2011)

Section C - Purchasing & Contracting  
C-1    (Deleted)   
C-2    Leases - Renewals and Extensions 
C-3    (No Policy)
C-4    (Deleted) 
C-5    (Deleted) 
C-6    (Deleted) 
C-7    (Deleted) 
C-8    (Deleted) 
C-9    (Deleted) 
C-10  (Deleted) 
C-11  (Deleted) 
C-12  Williams Act Contract/Agricultural Preserves Notices of Nonrenewal 
C-13  Recycled Paper Products Procurement
C-14  (Deleted) 
C-15  (Deleted) 
C-16  (No Policy)
C-17  Procurement Policy Revised 10-22-13
C-18  Non-Financial Agreements (Revised 7-25-17)

C-19 - Design-Build Contracts- Conflict of Interest (Adopted 06-09-15)

Section D - Travel, Transportation, and Vehicles 
D-1    Travel Policy  (Revised 12/13/16)
D-2    County Credit Cards
D-3    (Deleted) 
D-4    Vehicle Use - Privately Owned and County Owned Vehicles  (Revised 4/11/17)
D-5    Board of Supervisors Departmental Budget and Expense Reimbursement (Repealed with Adoption of FY2015/16 Final Budget 9/14/15)

Section E - Personnel and Payroll 
E-1   Personnel Policies 
E-2   Use of Jail Inmate Workers Outside Jail 
E-3   Determination of Independent Contractor Services
E-4    (No Policy)
E-5   Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation, and Reporting and Complaint Procedure
E-6   Relocation Reimbursement(Revised 9-18-2007) 
E-7   Recruitment Signing Bonus (Revised 9-25-2007)
E-8   Tuition Reimbursement (Adopted 12-09-08)

Section F - Facilities Management 
F-1   (Deleted) (Smoking in County Facilities & Vehicles superseded by County Ordinance 8.60) 
F-2   West Slope Animal Shelter Donor Recognition Policy
F-3   (Deleted)   
F-4   Lowering of Flags (Revised 08-08-2017)
F-5   Airports - Hanger Site Allocation 
F-6   (Deleted) 
F-7   Interim Parkland Dedication or Fees Procedure
F-8   County Display Cases 
F-9   Airports - Portable Hangar Color 
F-10 Airports - Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities for El Dorado County Airports

Section G - Roads 
G-1   Encroachment Within the County Road Rights-of-Way
G-2   (Deleted) 
G-3   Dead Animal Disposal (Revised 7-22-14) 
G-4   (Deleted) 
G-5   (Deleted)   

Section H - Board of Supervisors Meetings
H-1   Communications to Board from a Member of the Public(Revised 4/17/2012)
H-2   Communications from a Member of the Public for the Public Record(Adopted 04/17/2012)
H-3   (Deleted)  
H-4   (Deleted)  

Section I - Boards, Commissions, & Committees 
I-1    (Deleted) 
I-2    Boards, Commissions, & Committees - Minutes of Meetings
I-3   Board of Supervisors repealed I-3 adopted Aug 22, 1989, that established the EDC Airport Commission.
I-4    Airport Committees Policy

I-5    Boards, Committees and Commissions - Application Evaluation Policy for Members At-Large (Revised 8/25/15)

Section J - Land Use Planning & Development 
J-2   Economic Development Policy/Priority Industrial and Commercial Priorities 
J-3   (Deleted) 
J-4   Repealed by Board of Supervisors on February 24, 2004, Agenda Item 6 (Rebate of Property Taxes) 
J-5   Traffic Fee Credit to Account for Prior Occupancy Use

J-6 General Plan Amendment Initiation Process (Adopted 12/10/13)

J-7 Economic Development Incentive Policy (Revised 4/11/17)

Section K - Risk Management 
K-1   Injury and Illness Prevention (Revised 06/16/15)
K-2   Workplace Violence Prevention Policy 
K-3   Emergency Management Policy  

Section L : Privacy Policy In Compliance With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) 
L-1    Privacy: Protected Health Information (HIPAA) (Adopted 8-29-17)
L-2    Privacy: General - Exhibit ‘A’ (Repealed 8-29-17)
L-3    Privacy: Client Rights  (Repealed 8-29-17)
L-4    Privacy: Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information  (Repealed 8-29-17)
L-5    Privacy: Minimum Necessary  (Repealed 8-29-17)
L-6    Privacy: Administrative, Technical, and Physical Safeguards  (Repealed 8-29-17)
L-7    Privacy: Research Use And Disclosure  (Repealed 8-29-17)
L-8    Privacy: De-Identified Protected Health Information, Limited Data Sets, Data Use Agreements  (Repealed 8-29-17)
L-9    Privacy: Business Associates  (Repealed 8-29-17)
L-10  Privacy: Sanctions, Penalties, And Whistleblowers  (Repealed 8-29-17)
L-11  Privacy: Group Health Plans  (Repealed 8-29-17)