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The policies listed below have been formally adopted by the Board.  Please contact the office of the Clerk of the Board for information regarding policies that have been repealed as a result of Board action.   Email:  Phone: 530-621-5390.



Section A - General Administration

Section B - Budgets & Fiscal Matters

Section C - Purchasing & Contracting

Section D - Travel, Transportation, and Vehicles

Section E - Personnel and Payroll

Section F - Facilities Management   

Section G - Roads

Section H - Board of Supervisors Meetings

Section I - Boards, Commissions, & Committees

Section J - Land Use Planning & Development

Section K - Risk Management

Section L - Privacy Policy (HIPAA)

Section A - General Administration

A-1    Development & Distribution of Board of Supervisors Policies

A-2    Guidelines for Writing Board of Supervisors Policies  

A-3    Ordinances - New or Amended 

A-4    County Legislative Policy 

A-5    Grant Endorsements for Non-County Agencies 

A-6    Grants - Application & Administration

A-7    Processing California Public Records Act Requests

A-8   Payment or Reimbursement to Consulting Parties on County Projects

A-9    Records Management Program

A-10  Meeting Rooms

A-11  Responding to Grand Jury Reports

A-12  DMV Data Access Policy

A-13  Computer & Network-Based Information Systems

A-14  Incident Response Policy

A-15  Public Disclosure of Documents Pertaining to Outside Counsel 

A-16  Proclamation Policy

A-17  Computer and Data Systems Physical Security  

A-18  Energy Conservation Policy 

A-19 General Network Usage Policy

A-20  Cellular Telephone/Wireless PDA's (SmartPhones) Policy & Procedures

A-21 Electronic Messaging Retention Policy 

A-22  County Website Policy

Section B - Budgets & Fiscal Matters

B-1    Budgetary Control and Responsibility 

B-2    Fee Waiving 

B-3    Traffic Impact Fee Deferral 

B-4    Collections - Recovery of Public Funds 

B-6    Community Funding

B-9    Annual Audit Contract - Grand Jury Participation

B-10  Grand Jury Annual Report - Publication of Annual Report & Board of Supervisors Response

B-11  Affordable Housing Fee Structure 

B-12  Fiscal Review Process 

B-13  Contract Administration for Special Projects

B-14  Traffic Impact Mitigation (TIM) Fee Offset Program for Developments with Affordable Housing Units 

B-16  Budget Policies

B-17  Debt Management Policy

B-18 Contract, Memoranda of Understaning and Policy Exceptions

Section C - Purchasing & Contracting

C-2    Leases - Renewals and Extensions 

C-13 Environmentally Preferrable Purchasing Policy

C-17  Procurement Policy

C-18  Non-Financial Agreements 

C-19 - Design-Build Contracts- Conflict of Interest

Section D - Travel, Transportation, and Vehicles

D-1    Travel Policy 

D-2    County Credit Cards

D-4    Vehicle Use - Privately Owned and County Owned Vehicles  

D- 5 Food Purchases

Section E - Personnel and Payroll

E-1   Time Entry and Alternative Works Schedules

E-2   Use of Jail Inmate Workers Outside Jail 

E-3   Determination of Independent Contractor Services

E-4   Pre-Employment Background Check

E-5   Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation, and Reporting and Complaint Procedures

E-6   Volunteer Policy

E-7   Ethics Training Policy

E-8   Employee Identification Badge Policy 

E-9   Background Investigation Requirements for Individuals with Access to Federal Tax Information

E-10 Lactation Accommodation and Break Policy

E-12 Telecommuting Policy

E-13 COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Section F - Facilities Management

F-1 Naming and Renaming of County-Owned Buildings

F-2   West Slope Animal Shelter Donor Recognition Policy 

F-4   Lowering of Flags 

F-5   Airports - Hanger Site Allocation 

F-8   County Display Cases 

F-9   Airports - Portable Hangar Color 

F-10 Airports - Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activities for El Dorado County Airports

Section G - Roads

G-1   Encroachment Within the County Road Rights-of-Way 

G-3   Dead Animal Disposal

Section H - Board of Supervisors Meetings

H-1   Communications to Board from a Member of the Public 

H-2   Communications from a Member of the Public for the Public Record

H-3    Consent Calendar Policy 

Section I - Boards, Commissions, & Committees

I-2  Boards, Commissions, & Committees - Minutes of Meetings 

I-5  Boards, Committees and Commissions - Application Evaluation Policy

Section J - Land Use Planning & Development

J-2  Economic Development Policy/Priority Industrial and Commercial Priorities 

J-4  Broadband Infrastructure Installation

J-5  Traffic Fee Credit to Account for Prior Occupancy Use

J-6  General Plan Amendment Initiation Process

J-7  Economic Development Incentive Policy 

J-8  Special District Impact Fee Offset for Non-Residential Business Development 

J-9 Startup and Entrepreneur Technical Assistance Program

Section K - Risk Management

K-1  Injury and Illness Prevention 

K-2  Workplace Violence Prevention Policy 

K-3  Emergency Management Policy  

Section L : Privacy Policy In Compliance With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

L-1    Privacy: Protected Health Information (HIPAA)