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701. Charter Review.

The Board of Supervisors shall convene a Charter Review Committee within two (2) years of the effective date of this charter and within five (5) years of the last charter review thereafter. The committee shall review the charter and, after at least two (2) public hearings, make recommendations for amendments to or revisions of this charter to the Board.

702. General Law Governs.

Unless otherwise set forth in this charter, the general laws set forth in the Constitution of the State of California and the laws of the State of California shall govern. To the extent allowed under the California Constitution and state laws this Charter shall supersede state laws inconsistent with the Charter, except as herein specifically provided. To the extent County initiatives or ordinances are inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter, such initiatives and ordinances are repealed and the provisions of this Charter shall control.

703. Grand Jury.

Every county officer and employee shall cooperate in providing the Grand Jury with any requested information or documents, except when disclosure is prohibited by law. The Board of Supervisors shall establish the format for county responses to the Grand Jury report.

704. Implementation of Charter Duties.

The mandatory provisions of this charter shall be carried out as expeditiously as is possible.