Direct Charges - Information for Districts

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Exhibits (referred to by other items from this page)

1 - Direct Charge Data Upload Format 
2 - Sample of Direct Charge Enrollment Confirm-Reject Memo

Manuals & Instructions

  • Direct Charges Manual(major revision June 2018 with important new updates highlighted in yellow on 7/27/18)
    Includes specific and routine information related to the submission, correction, collection, and reporting of Direct Charges. To be used in conjunction with the Exhibits and Forms.
  • Sample Instructions
    For districts using ParcelQuest's DVD + Excel + Word to produce a file of direct charges for submission by August 10th of each year to the Auditor for inclusion on the current year tax roll.  This document is not up-to-date with the current version of ParcelQuest or the new property tax system.  However, the basic principles remain the same.

Reports & Publications

  • Special Districts Workshop, 12/8/14
  • Understanding Proposition 218
    State Legislative Analyst's Office Publication dated December 1996.
    An excellent resource for understanding Prop 218. Please note this is a static document. Post-publication court decisions and/or the effects of Prop 26 are not reflected in the content of this document.

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