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All agencies/districts provide service(s) to a specific geographical area. Agencies/districts that provide the same service may not be within the same geographical area. This is controlled by the assignment of a Tax Rate Area (TRA) to each parcel. The agency/district's assessed value is the sum of all the TRA valuations in which the agency/district provides service.

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Assessed Values and/or APN Counts1
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Agency/District Assessed Values from Assessor's July 1 Local Assessment Roll (R&T §601 and §616) (excludes Aircraft)


Agency/District Assessed Values from August 20 Equalized Assessment Roll (includes R&T §601 Assessment Roll, includes State BOE Roll {R&T §2052}, includes July Assessment Appeal Board changes, and excludes Aircraft)


Assessed Values by Category (Land, Improvement, Aircraft, etc.) from August 20 Equalized Assessment Roll (includes: R&T §601 Assessment Roll; State BOE Roll {R&T §2052}; July Assessment Appeal Board changes; and Aircraft)

2004/05 through Current



Inactive Status APNs (2011/12 through 2017/18)
Parcels Won't Get a Tax Bill (July 1st) 


1Assessed value shown by agency is that used to calculate property tax distribution pursuant to R&T Code §95 et seq. (AKA AB-8).  Assessed values shown do not include Aircraft assessed values unless specifically noted.      

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