Second Round of CalFire Fee Bills on the Way    

    Placerville - Beginning July 19th the California State Board of Equalization commenced mailing the 2012/2013 CalFire fee bills to property owners across the state, according to County Assessor Karl Weiland. “The same day they began the mailing, the Board of Equalization notified county assessors that the billing had begun” stated Weiland, adding “that the bills are being mailed in alphabetical order by county name. Based on the mailing schedule included with the Board of Equalization notice El Dorado County property owners can expect to begin receiving their bills July 29.” 

    The bills were originally scheduled to be mailed in March. Due to the myriad of problems that property owners faced during the billing cycle last year, State Board of Equalization District II member George Runner worked to have this year’s billing delayed in an attempt to make sure that the involved state agencies had an opportunity to resolve those issues. “As Mr. Runner pointed out, having one agency in charge of creating the bills, and another agency in charge of mailing and collection is a recipe for problems” Weiland noted.  

    Assessor’s offices statewide were significantly impacted last year as County Assessors worked with, and on behalf of property owners dealing with confusing, and often inaccurate bills from the state. Weiland expects similar impacts this year. “Once again, our staff is gearing up to assist residents and property owners in our communities as they wend their way through this year’s bills”, committed Weiland. 

    The bills will be mailed to the property owner of record July 1st, 2012. Last fall, property owners received postcard notices that the bills would be arriving shortly. Those advance notices will not be mailed this year, just the bills. Weiland also noted that according to the information provided by the State, the boundary changes to the State Responsibility Areas (SRA) do not take effect until next year. That means that some property owners in high density areas of Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills will still be billed for the 2012/2013 cycle. 

    Property owners who receive a bill and have questions or concerns should contact the Assessor’s Office for assistance. The main office is located at 360 Fair Lane in Placerville. The phone number is 530.621.5719 and information will also be posted on the web site

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