El Dorado County businesses can e-file Business Property Statements on-line quickly and easily using the e-SDR.

Filing instructions, help screens, and reference materials are provided on the SDR website www.calbpsfile.org. Filers can print a completed Form 571L with schedules, filing confirmation, and the exact time the statement was submitted. Statements are stored on-line for seven (7) years, so you can print a copy whenever you need one. Access to your statement is protected with Account Number and Business ID Number (BIN) for e-SDR users, and Login ID and Password. Statements are encrypted and transmitted on a secure site to protect confidential information.

Start filing e-SDR by going online to www.calbpsfile.org and click on the >> e-SDR button on the left. Enter your account Number and Business ID Number (BIN). Your account number and BIN were provided with the Property Tax Form mailing in late January.

IMPORTANT: KEEP YOUR BUSINESS ID NUMBER (BIN) IN A SAFE PLACE. The Account Number and BIN provide secure access to your statement, guard your confidential information, and protect your privacy.

All requirements and due dates apply, same as paper filing – see form instructions.  

If you have questions, please call (530) 621-5716.