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Rabies Update

El Dorado County Rabies Data for 2014-17

Animals Testing Positive for Rabies in El Dorado County

Date Animal Found     Type of Animal     Location Found
January 2014     Skunk Shingle Springs
February 2014 Skunk Pollock Pines
February 2014     Skunk Garden Valley
March 2014 Skunk Pollock Pines
March 2014 Skunk Garden Valley
March 2014 Skunk Placerville/Starks Grade
March 2014 Skunk Garden Valley
March 2014 Skunk Garden Valley
March 2014 Skunk Rescue
June 2014 Skunk Garden Valley
June 2014 Skunk Somerset
June 2014 Skunk Garden Valley
August 2014 Skunk Georgetown
September 2014 Skunk El Dorado Hills
February 2015 Skunk             Placerville
February 2015 Skunk El Dorado
April 2015 Skunk Pleasant Valley Area
June 2015 Skunk El Dorado
July 2015 Skunk Diamond Springs
July 2015 Bat Placerville
July 2015 Skunk Diamond Springs 
September 2015Skunk El Dorado 
October 2015Bat Diamond Springs 
November 2015SkunkDiamond Springs 
November 2015SkunkPlacerville
December 2015SkunkEl Dorado
March 2016
Skunk Somerset 
March 2016 Skunk Placerville 
May 2016 Fox Diamond Springs 
May 2016
Skunk Placerville 
June 2016
Bat Pollock Pines 
July 2016
Skunk El Dorado Hills 
July 2016 Skunk Placerville 
August 2016
Skunk Placerville 
August 2016
Skunk Placerville 
September 2016SkunkEl Dorado Hills
​September 2016​Skunk​Placerville
​October 2016​Skunk​Placerville
​December 2016​Skunk​Placerville
​December 2016​Skunk​Somerset
​February 2017​Skunk​El Dorado
​March 2017​Skunk​Placerville
​May 2017​Skunk​Shingle Springs
​May 2017​Bat​Lotus
​July 2017​Bat​Placerville
​July 2017​Skunk​El Dorado
​August 2017​Skunk​Shingle Springs


Prevent Rabies

  • Vaccinate your dogs, cats and livestock against rabies
  • Do not touch or handle wild or unfamiliar animals
  • Report animal bites to Animal Services at (530) 621-5795 on the West Slope or (530) 573-7925 in South Lake Tahoe

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