Shelter Wish List and Donations

West Slope| South Lake Tahoe


 Want to help with a monetary donation?
The shelter can always use monetary donations to help us care for the housing, medical or food needs of the animals. If you want to help, you may send us a check payable to:

El Dorado County Animal Services
6435 Capitol Avenue
Diamond Springs, CA 95619

Please write "Pet Aid Donation" in the subject line of your check.

Animal shelters are always in need of donated items to help care for the shelter animals. Here are just a few of our current needs. (Items with an asterisk are especially needed right now): 

West Slope Shelter 

  • Large "Retriever Roll" rawhides*
  • "Mammoth Bones" & "Knuckle bones"*
  • Cow hooves*
  • Small & medium plastic cat carriers*
  • Dog Houses*
  • Tarps*
  • Small round fleece cat beds
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Cat and dog toys
  • Dog collars-all sizes
  • Dog leashes
  • Cash for the Pet Aid fund
  • Treats
  • Dry dog & cat food
  • Halti or gentle leaders for dogs of all sizes
  • Large plastic storage tubs
  • 5 gallon buckets
  • Colorful scrapbook paper
  • Baby gates & X-pens
  • Outdoor benches
  • Clorox wipes
  • Easy-up sun canopies
  • A large-capacity electric dryer*
  • Window paint
  • Squirt bottles
  • Rakes, shovels & other yard maintenance tools
  • Other specific items needed:
    • Powdered KMR (Kitten milk replacement)
    • Powdered Esbilac (Puppy milk replacement)
    • Canned GROUND FRISKIES cat food; "mixed grill" flavor or "supreme supper" flavor preferred
    • Mendota Slip Dog Lead 6ft x 1/2in Red
    • Indipets Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Pail, 4-Quart
    • ProSelect Stainless Steel Hanging Pet Cage Bowl, 16-Ounce
    • ProSelect Stainless Steel Hanging Pet Cage Bowl, 8-Ounce
    • Petmate Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy, Small
    • FroliCat DART TR1 Automatic Rotating Laser Pet Toy
    • Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food, Rocky Mountain Feline Formula with Roasted Venison and Smoked Salmon, 15-Pound Bag 

South Lake Tahoe Shelter 

  • Cat and Dog toys
  • Large jars of peanut butter
  • Gift certificates for grooming
  • Cash for the Pet Aid fund
  • Chew Bones
  • Treats
  • Dog & Cat food
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Dog chain collars 

Thank You for Your Generosity!